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Customers’ reviews

avatar Sydney D.
Sep 12th 2016

What really attracted me was the price, but at the same time it made me worry about the condition of the car. My husband used to say” you won't get a good car for those money”, but It was my choice and I took the risk. I'm really happy I did, the car is great and the web-site is great too!

avatar Kyle V.
Aug 4th 2016

I visited the web-site just because I randomly found it on facebook, loved an article here and decided to see what else it has. It was a nice surprise to me to find some very cheap cars here, I didn't get to buy one yet but in case I decide to buy one in the next few months I will definitely choose Auto-Auction-NewYork

avatar Aidan O.
24th May 2016

I'm not really used to online car buying, Auto-Auction-NewYork is the first web-site I bought a car from online. If someone told me before that I would buy a car without even seeing it for real, I would probably laugh at him. But I did that, and I got a perfect car that passed all the tests and drives very clean and smooth.

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